多様な需要に対応した住環境の更新(リフォーム・リノベーション)Renovation of a residential environment that responds to various residents’ needs



In Japanese large-scale public housing communities, there has been a visible population decline and rapid aging of the society. We aim to address these social problems positively by promoting mutual support and vitality among the residents in the living environment, responding to their diverse needs, and by encouraging a multi-generation of residents: young singles, child-rearing couples, elderly, and people with disabilities.

例えばこのようなご要望にお応えします。Sample Needs

  • 住戸を洗練されたデザインにリフォームしたい。Reform to a stylish design
  • 2つの住戸を1つの広い住戸につくり替えたい。Consolidation of two units into one
  • カフェのような空間をつくりたい。Re-layout to create a café-looking space
  • バリアフリー化や間取りの見直しをしたい。Review of the floor plan and creation of a barrier-free design